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Harold Freeman Jewelers is Tampa Bay's source for Breitling watches. We're having a Breitling watch sale and you can save big on Breitling watches. All the popular Breitling models are available. Please call the toll free number above to speak to one of our expert sales staff.



Leon Breitling founded the company in 1884. Breitling's goal was simple, to manufacture the highest quality technical watches. Breitling watches are known for their pilot watches, chronographs and large rugged cases. 

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Breitling Super Avenger Chronograph
Breitling Transocean
Chronograpgh 1461
18Kt Red Gold - 43MM   All Stainless steel   Stainless Steel
Ref. RB012012/BA49   Ref A1337011   Ref. A1931012/G750
Retail $22,490.00   Retail $5,490.00   Retail $9,920.00
Sale Price $14,600.00   Sale Price $4,390.00   Sold
breitling_navitimer     breitling_navitimer
Breitling Superocean
Chronograph M2000
  Breitling Super Avenger Chronograph   Breitling Blackbird
All Stainless Steel   All Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel
Ref. A73310AB/BB72   Ref. A1337011   Ref. A4436010/BB71
Retail4Re,845.00   Retail $5,490.00   Retail $7,980.00
Sold   Sale Price $4,392.00   Sale Price $5,580.00
Breitling Watch Sale        
Breitling Chronomat Flying Fish   Breitling Chronomat 41   Lds Breitling Galatic 36 MOP Dial
Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel on Rubber Strap   Stainless Steel & Diamond Bezel
Ref. AB011010/BB08   Ref. AB14012/C830   Ref. A3733053/A717
Retail $8,960.00   Retail $7,710.00   Retail $10,250.00
Sold   Sale $5,000.00   Sale $7,175.00
Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph   Breitling Chronomat 44   Breitling Chronomat GMT Chronograph
Stainless Steel   Stainless steel on a Rubber Strap   Stainless Steel
Ref. A2337024/BB81   Ref. AB014012/C830   Ref. AB0141012/BA69
Retail $6,000.00   Retail $7,710.00   Retail $9,820.00
SOLD   Sold   Sale Price $6,874.00
Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT   Breitling Galactic 36 MOP Dial   Breitling Chonomat 41
Stainless Steel   Steel & 18Kt Gold   Stainless Steel
Ref. AB042011/BB56   Ref. C3733012/A724   Ref. AB0144012/G711
Retail Price $9,820.00   Retail $8,760.00   Retail $8,960.00
Sold   Sale $5,690.00   Sold
    New Watches / Factory warranty    
breitling_navitimer     breitling_navitimer
Breitling Chronomat 41 Sierra silver   Breitling Transocean Blk Dial   Breitling Blacksteel Chronomat
Steel & 18Kt Yellow Gold   Stainlesss Steel    
Ref. CB014012/G713   Ref. AB015212/BA99   Ref. M1436003/BA67
Retail $12,800.00   Retail $7,940.00   Retail $9,130.00
Sale Price $8,320.00   Sale Price $5,160.00   Sold
    Prices subject to change without notice    
  Harold Freeman Jewelers is not affiliated with Breitling or Breitling USA.  
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